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Guidelines for author

Here are some mandatory guidelines for authors who wish to make submissions to the journal.

Original Research Articles/Case Studies

  • Articles should not be more than 3500-6000 words including notes, references and tables.
  • The manuscript should be sent in a hard copy format accompanied by a CD version.
  • The text should be single spaced typed in MS-Word on A4 size paper arranged in one column, one inch margin all around. The text must be typed in font size 12 and font type 'Times New Roman'.
  • The author's name should not appear any where on the body of the manuscript. This is to aid the blind review process.
  • Authors are encouraged to use hyperlinks in the document.
  • Images should be included in the word processing document, but authors should also keep a separate gif or jpg file for all images since these will be needed for final publication.
  • The cover page should contain title of paper, author's name, designation, official address, contact address, phone/fax numbers and e-mail address. Also include a brief resume.
  • A non-mathematical abstract of around 250 words should be submitted along with the manuscript.
  • Number and caption all exhibits, charts and figures. These should also appear on separate sheets.
  • References (only those which have been cited in the text) should be given in the end. No footnotes are to be mentioned in the manuscript.
  • References should be given in alphabetical order and in APA format.
  • Cite references using the author-year method. For example Sinha (2001) has shown that ....... Please follow the following specimen format for referencing (APA) format:

    Journal Reference:

    Bqajaj, Ravi & Sinha, Arun (1977). Diversity in the workforce and management models. Indian Journal of Social Sciences, 43(3), Feb. 52-64.

    Book Reference:

    Leshin, C.B. (1997). Management Principles (3rd edition). New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill, 121-145.
  • A cover letter should accompany all submissions. The cover letter should include the following information:
    • A statement that the paper is not published or under review at any other journals, proceedings, or other hard copy or electronic publications.
    • An alternative e-mail address if you will be unavailable at the primary e-mail address for an extended period.


  • These short contributions on topical managerial/IT development are recommended to be written in around 1500 words.
  • Short abstract of around 50 words should be submitted along with the manuscript.
  • Other guidelines remain the same.

Book Scan

  • Book scan shall cover reviews of current books on management & IT.


MAIMT-Journal of IT & Management follows a blind review process. The decision on the article submitted will be usually made approximately within three months after the receipt of acknowledgement. One copy of the journal will be sent to the numbers and convenient times for contact. Reviewers comments will typically be sent to the author(s).


  1. The manuscript should be submitted to
  2. The editors reserve the right to accept or refuse an article for publication, and they are under no obligation to assign reasons for their decision.
  3. Authors will receive a complimentary copy of the journal in which their articles are published.
  4. Articles published in the journal shall not be reprinted or reproduced in any form without the written permission of the editor.
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