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About National Faculty Development Programme

About National Faculty Development Programme

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important inputs in the economic development of a country. An entrepreneur acts as a trigger head to give spark to economic activities by his entrepreneurial decisions. Entrepreneurial activities also generate more activities and give a multiplier effect in the economy. Therefore there is a huge need for entrepreneurs with exemplary skills and extraordinary competencies for the benefit of society and economy. With opportunities in abundance it’s time for best technological brains to step and adopt entrepreneurship as a career. But the major concern in youth is the lack of drive and energy required not only to overcome the inertia in forming something new but also to manage the new enterprise. Therefore the need is to institutionalize entrepreneurial education at such a wide scale, across institution and colleges that it churns out thousands of trained and motivated students ready to float their enterprises and the most crucial change agents, in the process of developing young entrepreneurs are teachers. Keeping this in view, MAIMT in association with Entrepreneurship Development Institution of India (EDI) took the initiative of introducing a 2 weeks Faculty Development Programme with the objective of developing more and more entrepreneurs for our nation.


The programme is designed to train and develop teachers and trainers so that they can act as ‘Resource Persons’ in guiding and motivating young students to take up entrepreneurship as their career. The main objectives of the programme are to:

  • Expose the participants to the comprehensive entrepreneurship development process and equip them with the skills to motivate the youth towards starting their own ventures.
  • Equip the participants with requisite skills, knowledge and competencies for effective implementation of Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps and Entrepreneurship Development courses in their institutions.
  • Generating need for independence and need for achievement in the youth.
  • Make sizeable contribution quantitatively and qualitatively to the task of strengthening entrepreneurship in the country.


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